Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We Got This One Right Anyway

A year ago we decided not to mourn the death of a certain TV personality. I cannot find out how to import the old Haloscan comments, or I would be able to cry 'Ha!' at the posters who deplored my disrespect to a well-loved character.

You know who you are.



  1. Why are you being so cautious with the name? Dead men don't sue for libel, and your readers overseas have no clue who you are talking about.

  2. The earlier diary was strangely prophetic.

    The question is whether the dirt dishing is genuine or its a case of everyone jumping on a potential compensation bandwagon and getting paid for their 'true story' in the newspaper of their choice....

    1. I suspect the Mouse may well be right about some wagon jumping but I know someone who worked at the LGI while this personage was volunteer portering there who said that rumours were rife but no one was willing or able to take it further which rather bears out some of the stories we're now hearing...

  3. Fortunately, courts work on evidence not rumour and gossip.

    However, I agree with SouthLondonJP.

  4. All institutions can become corrupt if they are not made accountable, and witnesses are encouraged to blow the whistle. That includes the Judiciary, the Secret Services and the BBC.



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