Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A New Approach

Here is the Sentencing Council's latest effort to explain how sentencing works.

Anything that helps to dispel the fog of ignorance that surrounds most discussion of sentencing must be welcome.


  1. Not at all bad. As explanations go, I have heard many worse, and few clearer and less contentious. The narrator's voice would not be my first choice for my SatNav, but her diction was admirably clear and her sentence structure concise and to the point. All in all, a surprisingly good summary.

  2. Fog of ignorance is a bit strong, I think it Its more the case that peoples perceptions are that that the punishment does not fit the crime.(please don't tell me to change my newspaper again...

    The original Bystander posted some excellent videos of reconstructions of cases where you were asked to assess what sentence (if any) the offender should receive. That was outstanding stuff and worth linking to with this blogpost. As far as I can recall, I sentenced less than the actual result in every instance. If everyone in the land had to do that excercise, it would do far more to dispel the so called "fog of ignorance" than this video.


    It is called a Paddy wagon for a reason.... terribly non- PC I agopolize perfusely......

    Jury trial so O/T but still?

  4. So the government now wants the victims of some crimes to determine the sentence.

    That will drive a coach and horses through standard sentencing across the country for the same offences.

    I have often heard that on almost every occasion the public has been asked in discussions, mock trials etc. to decide on a sentence they have been less severe than a bench is likely to have been.

    1. I am glad I am nearing the expiry date for serving as a magistrate. Otherwise I would have to seriously think about my position if this proposal is introduced. Admittedly it will initially be confined to ASBOs and community punishments but his idea could be spread to other offences and punishments.


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