Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No Wonder The Service Was Rubbish

Thanks to the Law Society Gazette for this damning report about the shambolic change to interpreting services that we suffered from earlier this year. 


  1. And what sanctions will be taken against those individuals responsible for this piece of stupidity? Sadly I expect we all know the answer to that. Either none or they will disappear from view until things have cooled down and then turn up somewhere else.

  2. Promotion surely.

  3. I notice that 'the contractor did not attend the hearing'

    Which rather points to the commitment that ALS have had throughout this whole sorry process.

    Can't wait to get rid.

  4. The latest Private Eye mentions two wasted costs orders made against it in Amersham last week.

  5. "The Justice Committee would like to hear from individuals with direct experience of the provision of interpreting and translation services by Applied Language Solutions (ALS). The Justice Committee would particularly like to hear about direct examples of recent performance issues (during September and October 2012) surrounding the operation of the Framework Agreement between the Ministry of Justice and ALS."

    Responses by 2 November 2012:,1


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