Wednesday, October 17, 2012

For Those Who Should Get Out More

The people who like this sort of thing, are going to like this.

There is a  link here to a spreadsheet that includes all sorts of data about magistrates, who they are, their gender, age, ethnicity; there is enough to keep anyone who is interested supplied with data. There are a couple of people on my bench whom I could name but will not, who are probably well over halfway into their analyses as I type.


  1. That's my weekend sorted out, thank you.

  2. I will not click the link...I will not click the link...I will not...oops!!

  3. But there are actually some interesting figures there not least of which is that there are 3000 fewer JPs now than in 2010...that's a lot to lose in 2 years and no doubt there are many and complex reasons, court closures and workloads being just 2.

    1. It is a lot to lose. Also, recruitment will be much more limited in future - (see speech to MA by Gross LJ). I see workload being managed further downwards and use of DJs increased. The latter are here to stay - (again Gross LJ's speech). I also see even more court closures in the big urban areas such as Greater Manchester.

  4. These figures might carry more authority if could spell Manchester...

  5. The cost of producing this is £ ????? Does anyone know ?

  6. My image of the (very) average magistrate is a middle class middle aged white person who likes the letters 'JP' after their name, with no great skill or expertise.

    This attachment doesn't really help improve that image does it?

    I shall have more interest in the lay magistracy when it represents the outside world and has some degree of professionalism.

    By the way, losing a considerable number of JP's doesn't seem to have stopped the world from turning.


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