Saturday, September 26, 2015

Worth a Read

Here is an informed view of the iniquities being perpetrate by the Ministry of "Justice"


Friday, September 18, 2015

Pognophobia Rampant

This is not a political blog, although I have been interested in politics for all of my adult life.

Here is a minor but useful axiom:-

 Any article about Corbyn that refers to the fact that he has a beard, should be torn up and ignored. The last senior politician to loathe beards and to attach importance to their presence or absence was Margaret Thatcher:

-and look what happened to her.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

I was in court yesterday, and rued the ending of the school holidays, as my journey to court took half an hour longer than it did last month.

Our courtroom was very busy, and our clerk told us that there were already nineteen people in the cells, probably with more to come. Of course most of these people needed to see their solicitor (often the duty one), so it was almost eleven o'clock before we made a start on their cases.. Just to give you an idea of what we had to deal with, I made a note of our list, before the late entries and extras were added:-

Person banned from local transport hub - back again
Male exposing genitals on a crowded train (children present) Goes on to ask woman in next seat if she does head jobs,
Common Assault
Assault PC x 2, racially aggravated S4 Public Order Act, Possession of Class A drug
Breach Restraining Order x 2
Class B possession, obstruct drug search.
Handling stolen goods
Section 18 GBH with Intent x2 (indictable only) (had to watch nasty CCTV of man on floor being kicked on the head)
Conspiracy to do above
Theft of handbag from supermarket trolley (Lots of previous)
Breach of ASBO
Common Assault (Domestic)
Criminal damage to gaming machine (FOBT)
Breach of ASBO
Theft from shop
Breach ASBO
TWOC and breach of bail
£200 fraud on hotel - no means to pay, and he knew it.
Assault PC x 2
Shop theft
Breach of ASBO
Drive drunk, no licence, no insurance, use foglamp in daylight
Fail to Surrender to Bail
Domestic Common Assault x 2

Finished just before 6 p.m. Roads terrible. Went to pub.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Reality Dawns

Sorry that I have been a bit quiet lately, but for the last few weeks I have been preoccupied with a family wedding.

My daughter, a solicitor,  was married some years ago (to another solicitor), and last Saturday my son, a journalist, married his lovely Tata  (a TV presenter) in Colombia.  Few things in life can be more moving than to see one of your children married, so I hope that I might be excused a little elation at this time.