Friday, September 18, 2015

Pognophobia Rampant

This is not a political blog, although I have been interested in politics for all of my adult life.

Here is a minor but useful axiom:-

 Any article about Corbyn that refers to the fact that he has a beard, should be torn up and ignored. The last senior politician to loathe beards and to attach importance to their presence or absence was Margaret Thatcher:

-and look what happened to her.


  1. Nonetheless, this year, with so many pictures of WWI around , has conclusively proved that beards, whiskers and moustaches are apt to appear positively grotesque once the fashion has changed. I wouldn't advise a politician aspiring to have his mug looked at by future schoolboys to grow a beard.
    But then I, too, loathe a beard . What's gona happen to me?

  2. I love a beard and especially my husband's, his face would look naked without it. As to polititians, it's anyone wearing 'stubble' that have to go (especially the women).

  3. You will become a truly remembered leader who has the backbone to see your visions to the end.

  4. Years ago I came back from holiday having grown a beard. My sales manager looked at me and exclaimed " I would never buy anything from a man with a beard". I have always remembered those words and and have never contemplated growing a beard again. I never did like the feel of a beard anyway and I only grew it for a bet with a friend.

  5. Sorry people........but there are those who grow beards as a fashion accessory and those of us who have a beard /whiskers for life.....
    Don't think Maggie could have grown one anyway..........

  6. .. Maggie was one oif the most successful PM's of our time..

    Time to stop reading the Guardian methinks, its poisoning your thinking.

  7. Fashion accessory or hide behind ? Neither suggests a secure individual.

  8. I have no preference personally but since some people have a fear of beards (pogonophobia) and a number of people dislike them I would have thought that the safe bet for a politician, in order to appeal to the majority would be to not have one.

  9. has no plan to go into politics (too thin-skinned), and has not shaved his chin since 1975. Yes, seasoned defendants, it's that baldy-headed old c**t with the goatee.

  10. Anon: "Fashion accessory or hide behind ? Neither suggests a secure individual."

    And yet removing facial hair that grows naturally to conform to some sort of societal norm does?

    1. Very true. Our shepherd ancestors had not yet enslaved themselves to the superstion that it s disgusting and unhealthy to wear round one's face remnants of whatever one has eaten, drunk, smoked, sweated,coughed, spat, and so forth, since the last thorough shampooing, like sheep most manfully and naturally do. This is the kind of foible indulged in by decadent urban societies.

  11. "-and look what happened to her"

    - Elected MP for 33 years
    - longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century
    - appointed a Life Peer.

    Maybe she was onto something witht he beard thing.

  12. Just as you should ignore any article which mentions the fact that David Cameron went to Eton? After all, it wasn't his decision, whereas Corbyn chooses to have a beard.

  13. Ed Miliband didn't attach any importance to the presence or absence of a beard...

    ...and look what happened to him.

  14. "Look what happened to her"

    What happened to her?


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