Saturday, September 26, 2015

Worth a Read

Here is an informed view of the iniquities being perpetrate by the Ministry of "Justice"



  1. Thank you for pointing us to this (as ever with JR) insightful analysis. That it matches your own multiple pronouncements on the same subjects so closely only adds to its validity!

  2. Interesting article in today's Guardian about a Magistrate who was suspended and consequently resigned after chipping in £40 to an asylum seeker's fine, criminal court charge and prosecution costs. Once motoring offences after the activation date of the CCC start filtering through, I believe the media may sit up and take notice. Middle class people finding that their fixed penalty of £100 suddenly rises to £230 because their licence was in the post and they had to attend court will perhaps be more vocal (and listened to) than the guy convicted of begging.


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