Monday, April 13, 2015

On a Personal Note

Saturday's Boat Race (s) and tonight's University Challenge remind me of my 1950s childhood in the school playground. Menacing groups of lads (ignorant to a man of anything to do with universities) would question you whether you supported the dark or the light Blues. The 'wrong' answer would be punished. For whatever reason I supported Oxford.

Many years later my dear daughter got into Cambridge where she met my son-in-law. They married in the College Chapel, so I have to admit that I have changed my alliegance.

It doesn't mean a thing really. but it shows how small things can create loyalties.


  1. Why do they call it the boat race? Within five minutes of the start one team is usually ahead and it invariably goes on to win.

  2. But such sub-conscious loyalties should be well-identified for an impartial JP.

    1. As indeed they are. When considering a case I and every JP I know atry our damnedest to stay impartial.

  3. Ah, I remember this well. Even the tiny shop in our village in South Wales (early '60s) gave out little cloth badges on Boat Race day - asking first whether you preferred light blue or dark blue.

    Beats me why it was such a big thing, but thanks for the memories BS.

  4. I hope your dear daughter made a better choice of husband than university!

  5. I went to grammar school in Twickenham. On the Friday before the Boat Race the course was chalked out on the tennis court and we all went out (whatever the weather). The prefects were one team, the staff the other (I think they took it in turns) and collected pennies from us to line the course. The first to get to the finish won (obviously!). Who you supported depended on a number of factors - did you support Oxford or Cambridge, light blue or dark blue, staff or prefects? it was glorious, I bore my family each year by talking about it, and I miss it! PS - I supported Oxford because I preferred the colour.

  6. Man on the Village Green: Porterhouse graduate, one hopes.


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