Monday, April 06, 2015


Comments to this blog are always welcome, and are moderated with a light touch. However I have just had to hold a couple that go into detail of someone's case. Unfortunately the blog is not the place to go over old individual cases. Sorry.


  1. i would have posted an ironic comment here, but i'm not nearly intelligent enough ... instead, i'll settle for thanking you for writing this blog - it's very much appreciated and enjoyed :)

  2. All of us have to be wary of how and what we record.

    It leads me to muse...........

    I fear though, in the UK, the forces of repression have always had the upper hand, the recent ham-fisted attempts to curb what was once [just about at any rate] a free press are evidence of a increasingly authoritarian state. A state way out of control, which deems itself to be unimpeachable and grows ever more corrupt - its cause, the wielding of power without the restorative of democratic redress and moral and legal accountability. It's what the ECHR-ECJ is all about, empowerment of the political claque and it emboldens our authorities to do as they please.


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