Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I have the bitter-sweet duty tomorrow of attending the last sitting of a much liked and respected colleague. She has not reached the retirement age of 70, but she has grandchildren both here and in the Antipodes, for whom she feels a grandmother's unconditional love.. She has reluctantly decided to sell her English house and acquire two smaller ones, one of them south of the Equator, hence her decision to leave the Bench early.

She has been an exemplary colleague, playing a full part in the committees that help to keep the Bench running. At the same time she has retained her grace and sense of humour, treating everyone in the courtroom, be they staff  professionals or defendants, with just the right mixture of courtesy and firmness.

We respect her, and, to be honest, those of us who have worked with her for about twenty years love her a bit as well.

We shall miss her. I hope that she will like the flowers that will be furtively concealed  in the retiring room tomorrow.


  1. And she doesn't read your blog.


  2. Considering the size of most retiring rooms I've been in, the flowers will have to be very small.

    Broom cupboards have more space than our retiring rooms.

  3. Yes she does!

  4. Bet she is not the last JP to leave if more amalgamations of courts take place.......

  5. With a bit of luck you might get an invitation to visit south of the equator!


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