Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The sheer gormless stupidity of many offenders is a recurrent theme on this blog.

Two days ago a petrol station half a mile from my house was broken into during the night. The haul included (inevitably) cigarettes, but also a quantity of National Lottery scratch cards. Brilliant. The cards are serial numbered, and will presumably be very difficult to claim on in the event of a winning line.

So if you are offered a few scratch cards at a bargain price, have a care.


  1. How would anybody know they were stolen if they were offered for sale by the villain at some pub.
    Such things could be presented as having a special cachet .

  2. Yes we all by lottery tickets from strangers in the pub. If not strangers why would anyone sell them for less than they paid for them?

  3. During the Nineties there was a robbery in Germany involving vast amounts of cash, rather like the Great Train Robbery with more noughts on the end.

    The robbers were caught quickly, and got long sentences, and had had no time to do much with the money. It is as certain as anything can be that this hoard is buried somewhere, and when the perps are free, which will be soon if it has not already happened, they can dig it up.

    Of course it is in Deutschmarks and if they take it to the bank they may find it difficult to convince the teller or the Polizei that they found millions of unexchanged old-money banknotes under the stairs when Auntie snuffed it . . .

    1. They may not have that worry.
      John Gibson

  4. Its not that they are stupid, many criminals just don't fear the CJS enough to worry about planning ahead too much.

    They see an easy option and they go for it. If they get caught, they know they will probably face a community sentence or such like. Believe me, for our regular customers a community type sentence/fine etc means very little.

  5. Some are stupid, I did hear of a break-in to a garage years age, when a quantity of MoT certificates was stolen, failure certificates in point of fact. Though fair enough, the villain still managed to sell some down the pub!


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