Thursday, May 01, 2014

A Straw In The Wind

Here's the most serious problem so far caused by the near-abolition of Legal Aid Case Halted .

It is unlikely to be the last.


  1. The government imagines that counsel is available, even if careful to limit that claim to high cost cases. Reality: DOJ is lying, again. Meanwhile, what about the average incompetent defendant in the magistrate's court ? Presumably, only high cost cases risk the wrong type of injustice.

  2. Since the start of the abolition of legal aid, I have wondered whether this argument would be valid: I would be able to mount a defence is I could afford a lawyer, but through no fault of me own, I cannot. If the bench accepts that I would otherwise be able to mount a defence, does that not constitute reasonable doubt? IOW, ALL cases without a lawyer must henceforth be dismissed until legal aid is restored.
    Now watch the government scramble over that.


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