Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oxford Blues

The President of the Oxford Union is the subject of serious allegations that remain just that - allegations. This report gives more detail, but at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, has it not occurred to any of the Union's members officers or prospective speakers that he remains innocent until proven guilty? This has the smell of mob justice about it, and Oxford ought to be able to do better than that.


  1. Hmmm, I wonder whether you consider bliar guilty of various crimes related to the illegal invasion of he was so in favour - still is - of the eu, perhaps he wouldn't mind being considered guilty until proven innocent?
    Also, because of the incompetence of the CPS, many people have gone free when they are guilty, so why is the Government not PROPERLY addressing this, and perhaps even more so, where are ALL the High Court and Supreme Court judges who SHOULD have spoken out against the CPS - and offered solutions to this crisis of justice - and DEMANDED that camoron take the necessary corrective measures? That is just another reason why I hold those judges deservedly in contempt. Don't get me started on why they have done NOTHING effectively about the Brits deliberately being lied to and denied our democratic right to vote on the eu. Well?

  2. I am watching this closely...............

  3. Ben Sullivan's case is drawing attention. The 33% rate for false rape allegations and new "guidelines" that ensure that the defendant (always named) is leaned on by plod will see more miscarriages of justice.

  4. Shame on the speakers who cancelled. Shame on the women who urged them to.


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