Thursday, March 24, 2016

Magistracy in Parliament

Our friend Obiter J has put a fascinating post on his always interesting and well-reasoned blog.It is well worth your spending a little time to look at it.


  1. I have put my comment on the article. It's too long to reproduce here. Sufficient to say I'm not impressed.

    1. Ditto. I put my comments on the article as well, and let free with mynopinion, which wasn't at all complimentary. I was appalled both at the woman's ignorance and at the chairman who treated her patronisingly, constantly interrupting with 'yes' and 'I understand' when he ckearly didn't agree and don't understand.

  2. Fortunately the committee gave Peter Dawson short shrift when it came to his view that we should no longer be able to send anyone to prison after which he was not able to put forward any alternative. What about judges? If his argument is, simply, prison doesn't work, why didn't he argue to get rid of prison for all but the most very serious of offences? That was the point at which I turned it off.

  3. I too have now put a comment on the article. I am now upping my blood pressure medication!!


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