Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gas Bills

There will be a few MoJ apparatchiks who do not sleep all that well for the next week or two.

When setting the rates for JPS' travel expenses, the amounts were traditionally adjusted each year, usually with reference to the price of petrol, When petrol shot up  a few years ago, the MoJ rate remained stubbornly fixed. Finally, new costs forced the mileage rate for a 1600cc car up to  its present 58p per mile , which is on the high side these days. But if the MoJ wants to lower the rate in response to the oil glut, it will have trouble refusing to do the converse when the market moves, as it one day will.


  1. You've blown it Bystander - I have been thinking the same for some weeks, but hoped that nobody in Whitehall would notice. We fought long and hard when diesel approached £1.50 this time last year, but nobody outside county level wanted to know. Here's hoping that the bean counters don't notice your piece...

  2. Bystander had blown it, DDJ's get 45p !

  3. But they also get a salary, pension scheme and paid holiday.

  4. If Magistrates car allowances were set at the HMRC standard it would be simple and automatic.
    In addition,if anyone claims more than 45p (or the HMRC amount at the time), they would not be covered by the Insurance Industry agreements on driving in connection with Volunteering and ma have to pay more for insurance (


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