Monday, December 22, 2014

Back to the Important Stuff

Things may quieten down round here for the next little while. I shall be off to join my family on Christmas Eve in a small village on Exmoor. Although my daughter and her husband are both lawyers, we hope to avoid any legal talk, but rather to enjoy the views, and the company of both of my children and my delightful granddaughters.

Thanks for putting up with my views this year. I am days away from the tenth anniversary of the blog and I shall thank my son (who has travelled nearly six thousand miles to be with us, and has to go all the way back next week).for giving me the original idea. The old stuff is still on the Law West of Ealing Broadway but the comments were lost in the changeover from the old comment software. It caused a furore at the time, even getting a Page 3 story in The Times. We have had the best part of four million hits since then, and I have survived the disapproval of a Very Senior Judge. I am now within a couple of years of enforced retirement, so I hope that I am now not worth powder and shot to the top brass.


  1. I hope you have a good Christmas and new year with your family around you.
    John Gibson

  2. Enjoy the Festive Season and thanks for an interesting blog.

  3. Please keep writing Bystander - the truth is always good, if not palatable to all!

  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours Bystander. In a couple of years I will welcome you to the 'Long Grass Club' - the place we all get kicked when we reach that magical age.

  5. Ah, the statutory age of senility approacheth !! Never mind - you can keep on blogging and I sincerely hope that you will.


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