Thursday, October 16, 2014

Small(ish) World

The sad news has emerged that the Duke of Marlborough has passed on to the stately home in the sky.

His title thus passes to his heir, formerly known as Jamie Blandford.

Some years ago Jamie was a regular sight in magistrates' courts, being burdened, as he was, with a penchant for driving like a lunatic as well as a fondness for 'certain substances' as they used to be called.

He was on my list one morning, and my eye was caught by his address of Blenheim Palace, which we don't see too often. The case went nowhere because he was on bail to so many different courts that the cases were consolidated and adjourned, and I thereafter lost touch.

Well good luck to the latest Duke.

Just mind how you go, your Grace.


  1. Yes, good luck to the old bugger. He may have been a bit of a wag in the past but lets put all that behind him now. I'm sure the millions he will inherit will do him the power of good.

    I'm all for forgiveness and rehabilitation as long as the offender has reformed.

  2. I hope it wansn't enough years ago for these convictions to be spent and for referring to them to be libellous?

    1. I think you'll find that no libel can arise- it is an accurate statement of fact

    2. How on earth can it be libellous?

    3. Publishing details of spent offences can be libellous even if it is true. Depends on the intent behind it, I think.

  3. The late Duke was a local magistrate, and Chairman of the Woodstock Bench.

    There are few Oxfordshire magistrates of a certain age who don't remember seeing Jamie (the new Duke) before them. I draw some comfort from the fact that unlike many addicts, he has managed to turn his life round. It was a painful process.

    Kate Caveat

  4. Threatens the team persona, you know.

  5. His Grace Toad of Toad Hall.

  6. Yes but the young master has been substantially disinherited for his troubles. He gets the title but not the cash or land which goes into trust for fear that his inner demons might one day regain the upper hand.


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