Friday, October 31, 2014

Lexicographers Please Note

Accidents have been abolished.

For many years RTA was police shorthand for a Road Traffic Accident,but it has been replaced by RTC - Road Traffic Collision.

The reasoning is that an accident may not be anyone's fault, hence no prosecution. A collision, on the other hand, opens the way to an investigation. That is why it is now normal practice to keep a motorway closed for some hours while the scene is examined for signs of a crime, particularly if there has been death or injury.

Mind how you go, now.


  1. you don't think accidents involving death or serious injury merit investigation?

    1. Of course not. Let's get the cars flowing again. It's only Traffic and everyone knows it's not a serious matter

    2. What about accidents that don't involve death or serious injury? He implied that they close the road for hours to investigate those as well.

  2. Has it made any difference ? Apart from increasing inconvenience.

  3. I think there are episodes of The Bill from the late 90s which call them RTCs. Is this really news in 2014?


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