Friday, April 11, 2014

Recorder on the Record

This sits-vac ad is not one that we see every day. The post is surrounded with historical overtones, while being a key position in the administration of the nation's justice system. There are probably two or three dozen judges who could do the job, but only four or five dozen people know who they are.

I shall not apply, for more reasons than I care to mention, even if the undeclared salary were not to put me off.

Good luck to the successful candidate. I hope that he or she is not allergic to champagne.


  1. Yes, its a perculiar one. your employed by the City of London and get wrapped up inall sorts of State business, and yes only a small number of Judges will be in the frame. But a jolly good job which I think gets a free flat in the City too

  2. How do I find out who the lucky person is?
    John Gibson

  3. But no comment from your team on Damien Green's plans for the Magistracy?


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