Friday, April 18, 2014

I Can't Argue With This (2)

Here's another


  1. Too true. I'm all for guidance but the almost formulaic way it has to be followed is not justice. There are times when throwing the book at someone is the right answer and yet again the quality of mercy in appropriate cases als ois necessary: at the minute we have neither!

  2. Our legal advisors support us if we want to go outside guidelines on the lenient side; perhaps the defendant has been out of trouble for quite a period, against the trend of his/her record or has had to struggle and show strength of character to get and keep a job and accommodation after being in care. We are encouraged to go above the basic tariff if we cite the idea of not sending the matter up for a stiffer penalty, but allow the discount for a guilty plea, if appropriate.
    It still goes against the grain, for me, to give a one-third discount for someone caught red-handed or who cannot possibly defend not having insurance, for example.


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