Monday, November 11, 2013

Who The Heck is This?

This photograph appears in the Law Society Gazette, and the paper claims it shows Richard Monkhouse, MA chairman. I have known Richard for some years, and this looks nothing like him. Is there some foul plot to discredit Richard and the MA by trying to make him look like a nuttter?Richard MonkhouseT

He actually looks like this:-


  1. They don't look all that different to me. The top photo is clearly unsympathetically lit and captures the subject in mid-speech, which is quite unflattering but may be the result of laziness rather than malfeasance.

  2. Comment I is far too charitable, Newspaper/Magazine editors chose their photos carefully, the picture that says everything you need to know about what the article wishes to portray... .
    I agree with the thrust of the original thread header..

  3. I have known Richard since we were together on the Greater Manchester Courts Committe and were Chairmen of (different) Benches at the same time - although we have lost touch since I retired. The pictures are both Richard, but one is unflattering and one is the real person - guess which. The MA is lucky to get this guy: he is clever, articulate, reasonable, and a good magistrate. He can hold his own with civil servants and legal professionals, he is always well briefed and can handle the statistics very well. The next few years are going to be even more challenging for the Magistracy than even the recent past. At least it will have a first rate spokesman.

  4. Don't be so mistrustful, Bs.
    Perhaps lawyers judge a bench's face by standards that are different to yours. Speaking for myself, I'd much rather appear before the man higher up.
    I'm too old to be scared of a little crankiness , and old enough to know it's often paired with a fair mind.
    I'm much more scared of beaming complacency on the bench.

  5. Agree with Anonymous 12/11@10.54. Have also known Richard on home turf and would back him as a forthright and very able Chairman

  6. I was expecting some comment from Bystander on what the MA Chairman had actually said, as reported in the LS Gazette, which was that ex-criminals should sit as magistrates. (Define "ex"-criminal. One who is not currently doing time?) Could be interesting.

    1. Well, I have to confess to a speeding fine in 1974 ( Woodbridge mags, ten pounds, licence endorsed) and a summons for parking in about 1975 (Uxbridge Mags, fined £6). Both criminal offences, dealt with by magistrates, so I suppose I'm a previously convicted JP.

  7. Has anyone also noticed the penchant for the media and Police to demonise suspects by ensuring the most gruseome pictures of a person taken in cold light make it to public view? I challenge anyone not to look like a serial killer in a photo taken indoors under strip lights.


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