Thursday, November 28, 2013

Small World

My wife and I took tea at the Savoy yesterday, as one does.

(The afternoon tea was a birthday present from my son and his fiancée, and very nice it was too).

During the couple of minutes that the doorman took to (literally) whistle up a taxi, I did a double take as a white haired gent strode towards the entrance. Could it be? Yes, it was none other than The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd.


  1. I guess the question is, how did he know you would be there and sort out his diary to make sure he didn't miss you?

  2. Does he take my calls? Does he answer my emails? (sniff!!)

  3. And who is sitting in Nottingham this morning as the Court of Appeal ventures outside London, and is allowing the proceedings to be broadcast.

  4. Lord Thomas was at a dinner given by Herbert Smith Freehills for the FA Mann lecturer, Lord Macdonald of River Glaven QC. Thomas had chaired the lecture earlier. It was a very good dinner.

  5. Thanks for that, Mr. R. I am glad that you enjoyed the dinner.

    I recall that you interviewed me for Radio 4 a few years back

    1. And very good you (or your "team") were. Dinner at the Savoy once a year is one of the many burdens we legal hacks have to put up with the bring you the news...

  6. That's the trouble with the Savoy these days, you have to mix with these dubious lawyer-Johnnies . . .

  7. What an incestuous bunch legal people are. I preferred The Savoy when Richard Harris was a permanent guest and used to play rugby in The Grill with Irish cronies who slept in doorways on The Strand. The place is clearly going to the dogs.


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