Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Copper Kettle

There's an odd post by Inspector Gadget, whose blog enjoys an enormous readership these days.
He appears to be claiming the Royal Wedding as a vindication of the Met's controversial and possibly illegal 'kettling' tactics, by pointing to the sensible police crowd management that let revellers along the Mall in a controlled manner, averting the possibility of a dangerous stampede.
What the Inspector has failed to observe is that Friday's operation only controlled the crowd in one direction - towards the Palace. Anyone who wished to go home, or to the toilet, or to seek medical advice if they felt poorly could do so unhindered. In the earlier applications of the tactic hundreds of innocent people were corralled for hours without access to water or toilet facilities, and no allowances were made for the elderly or the unwell.

Gadget's comments on the Ian Tomlinson inquest appear a bit odd too.

Just one last point - has any police officer, of any rank, been disciplined for covering up their shoulder numbers like the officer who hit Tomlinson?

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