Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Haven't Heard The Last Of This Yet

The High Court has ruled about the so-called 'kettling' of demonstrators. There will be an appeal, we hear, but let's get back to first principles:-

I have no problem with the police restraining parts of crowds to protect officers, civilians, and property.
Any interference with the public's freedom needs to be necessary and proportionate.
It also needs to be imposed for the shortest possible time.
What appears to have outraged many people was the prolonged containment of so many, including well behaved bystanders, for hours, while refusing appeals from the unwell, the elderly, and even those desperate to use a lavatory.
The appeal will proceed. If the judgment is upheld, the civil claims will pour in to the Met.
Common sense is more British, and is also a lot cheaper than bungled confrontation.

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