Friday, April 15, 2011

Topical Musing

I had a spare hour between meetings the other day, and I decided to pop into the local Aldi store, which is situated, as are so many, in the poorer part of town. In recent years Aldi seem to have realigned their marketing, and the stores are smarter and more user-friendly than they used to be.
The store I visited is smack in the middle of the roughest estates on my court's patch, and the street names recur time and again on my court list.
What struck me this time was the fact that only one of the store staff had an obviously local accent, and all of the others had East European inflections. Aldi pay good money by retail standards, and the staff were busying around but still ready to say something cheery to customers.
Within a few hundred yards of this store there were probably hundreds of healthy young locally-born people lying sluggishly on their sofas, smoking dope and toying with their Playstations.
I don't think that can be right.

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