Monday, May 24, 2010

Anyone Able To Decode This?

Today's announcement from the MoJ reads:-
Suma Chakrabarti, Permanent Secretary at the Minister of Justice has recently issued the following information to be updated as information becomes avilable.
"The Chancellor has announced the amount each government department will contribute to the emergency budget savings of £6billion for this financial year (2010-2011). The Secretary of State and Ministers are committed to ensuring MoJ plays its part in contributing to savings to reduce the budget deficit whilst not affecting our ability to deliver vital frontline services. This means we have to look at every opportunity, big and small, and across every part of the MoJ, including Arms Length Bodies, to make savings. We have agreed with Treasury that we will contribute savings of £325million this year. This is in addition to savings of over £400million we have already agreed to make. Our savings this year will be delivered through:
* pressing down on discretionary spend across MoJ, including Arms Length Bodies;
* cutting back on MoJ change programmes and ICT spend;
* recruitment controls and
* stopping non-essential capital projects and delivering the administrative estate and prison capacity programmes more efficiently."

Can any insider translate this from Civil Service speak? What's the news on, say, biscuits?

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