Monday, September 14, 2009

Lucky Dip

I am due to sit tomorrow; it is not a day on my normal rota, but I have offered to to replace a colleague who is unavoidably absent. What will I see? Not a clue, guv. All I know is that I shall have the middle chair and that it is a criminal court. Traffic? unlikely, as we don't do a lot of that. A trial? Possible, and if so it may well be alleged domestic violence, since we do see a lot of those. Remands? Also possible, and if so a non-stop series of bail apps, adjournments, and all sorts. But as ever there may be a joker in the pack; a cash forfeiture, a bit of Health and Safety, a neighbour dispute, or whatever. I shall report for duty at 9.30 tomorrow, grab a coffee, and join my colleagues to see who is doing what.

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