Monday, September 21, 2009

A Big Boy Made Me Do It , Miss

I refreshed my memory on the defence of duress the other day - it's not something you see every week, or even every year.
Our man was bang to rights for theft, as the CCTV showed the act in full detail, and he had no choice but to admit it. His story was that some nasty men had agreed not to duff him up for a drug debt if he popped into Tescos and nicked a few bottles of premium quality spirits to the tune of about £100. It was his lucky day, as he had a nice big holdall with him, and by pure chance he also had some kitchen foil that was just perfect to wrap round the security tags so as not to set off the alarms at the exit.
I can't say too much, but the CPS prosecutor dismantled his story clinically, and we found him guilty. That's when we were shown his 23 previous convictions.

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