Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Road Rage

The Government is trailing plans to cut speed limits and bring in other measures to improve road safety. The Times runs one of its annoying graphics that use blobs to indicate relative figures, and these seem to show than the UK, while having very much safer roads that Greece, the USA, Italy and France, we have dropped behind Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Malta.
Just a minute - the first three are often covered in snow, and have large areas that are uninhabitable. Malta is a amall island. Their figures cannot possibly bear comparison with the UK, the South-East of which is one of the most crowded places in Europe, with heavily overloaded roads and a high density of people and of vehicles.
Others will come up with their own take on the proposals, but there is no mention of my favoured measure, which would be to impose mandatory speed limiters on vans in the 3.5 tonne range. Many of these are very powerful with top speeds in excesss of 110mph. In the nature of things, a lot of white van men use all of it.

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