Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jump-Jet Heroes Destroy Horror Drugs

This piece in the Daily Mail sets new standards for ignorant and muddled reporting. Here we go:-

***This almost certainly isn't the world's biggest drugs haul. Colombia probably holds that record, cocaine being vastly more valuable per kilo than cannabis. If the Mail is right about 80 tons of coke being found, using the accepted UK street value of around £40,000 per kilo that would come to £40 million per tonne, or 3.2 billion quid. Even allowing for the dealers' more than generous markups, I reckon that lot came to more than £225 million wholesale.
***5000kg of opium worth £2,000,000? £400 per kilo doesn't sound a lot, with street heroin worth more like forty grand a kilo..
***Oh yes, and 'officials' believed that the horrid Taleban were turning dried cannabis leaves into heroin - damned clever that. The alchemists' art still lives.
***I'm also a bit doubtful about that 236 tons of hash. It's very light stuff, similar to the dried herbs in your larder. That weight would be a huge pile - did they really weigh all of it?
Do you think the smoke from all that burning dope might have drifted across to the Mail's man?

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