Monday, October 09, 2006

Competition Countdown

The jury has now assembled to decide the winner of our competition. We are esconced in the library at Bystander Towers. My manservant, Wojtech Gadulski, late of Warsaw, has laid out the trays of canap├ęs and has decanted the fine wines and ports. Fine Champagne VSOP cognacs and rare malt whiskies sit upon the sideboard, and crystal sparkles in the candlelight.

We anticipate that this may take some time, and the results will be posted on the blog some time after noon tomorrow, which will give us time to finish our champagne breakfast and have the breakfast things cleared away. Cold kedgeree is so unattractive at noon, is it not?

At first sight, the entries look to be of a high standard. We shall buckle to our task with enthusiasm and impartiality. Good luck to you all.

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