Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Many court legal advisers and managers were out of contact over the last few days because their Government-issue mobile phones had been cut off. Nobody had paid the bills, you see.

The Middlesex Guildhall, in Parliament Square, is to be the site of the new Supreme Court. This means that its work as a Crown Court will have to be moved elsewhere. Plans are being laid to re-jig the committal paths to all of the Crown Courts in London. An important part of these plans is the building of six new courtrooms at Isleworth. This court is a former hospital in a suburban setting, and has plenty of land.
Hounslow Council has refused planning permission for the development.

In an attempt to base all parts of the criminal justice system on the same geographical areas it was decided that the basic layout would be aligned with the 20-odd new police areas. Work proceeds apace. Plans for the required police force mergers have largely been put on ice. HMCS has decided to carry on regardless.

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