Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hail To The (Lord) Chief

Lord Justice (John) Thomas, who has manfully borne the burden of his name since his schooldays (it's a bit like A Boy Named Sue, isn't it?) has been announced as the next Lord Chief Justice. I can't add much to what I have written about him before - if you are curious, just use the search box in the top left corner. I have had the privilege, as a humble lay justice, of meeting the last three LCJs, each of them as personally approachable as they are legally and intellectually formidable. Good luck, your Lordship, and may the chalice not be too poisoned.


  1. I am pleased with this appointment, not least because the new LCJ lived in Ystradgynlais, a place that is the core of my favourite joke about the Japanese railway system.

    You only have to ask.

    (The downside is this newfound prominence for Ystradgynlais means I have had to change one or two of my passwords).

    1. Don't ask, you'll regret it. Read it here:

  2. As a former member of South Wales Caving Club I too have fond memories of Ystradgynlais (or at least being underneath parts of it...........).


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