Monday, July 08, 2013


The Curse of the Home Office has struck again.

Just look at this:-

Ministers are to look at curtailing benefits for those suspected of terror offences, the home secretary has said. (BBC report)
"Look at"? "Curtail"? 

That's bad enough, but "Suspected" - that is frightening.  What about due process, the rule of law, and, yes, "proved" rather than "suspected"?  Thank god for a (so far) free and independent judiciary.


  1. You have to admire their ability to win Daily Mail votes...

  2. Yes no, that free and fair judiciary. Chris and Theresa are still working on that one, but I suspect the ECHR might have to be ditched first.

  3. The article appears to be discussing the removal of state benefits from foreign persons whose presence in the UK is believed to be undesirable. Often, of course, these foreign persons come from somewhere with a less than stellar human rights record, so their deportation is difficult. Looks like the Home Secretary is proposing that we starve them out instead.

  4. Judging by the tone of many blogs it might well be a way of heading off revolution by the indigenous tribe.

  5. A favourite Home Office ploy. I seem to recall that at one stage it was deemed that those who cooperated less than wholeheartedly with the Probation Service should be reported to the local Benefits Office who would reduce their payment on an administrative basis without recourse (expensive) to the courts which had imposed the penalty in the first place. If I also remember correctly, this did not preclude the miscreant from being breached and dealt with in court, without any account being taken of the administrative penalty, which I would have thought was a clear case of double jeopardy.

  6. I'm sure any attempt to actually do this would face all kinds of legal challenges, and ministers must be aware of that. So it's likely that this is just spin. They're going to "look at" it without any real intention of doing anything, in order to generate some "tough on terror" headlines.

  7. I'm a native of this country born and bred, I worked hard all my life without ever taking a penny in benefits and now I'm 60 years old and unable to work because of lung disease I'm not entitled to a single penny.
    The reason for this (they say) is because I have 'assets' and these 'assets' are our former family home that we lived in for 8 years before downgrading to a smaller house after the children moved on. We couldn't sell it because of the recession and we couldn't afford to pay two mortgages so 'no option' we had to rent it out.
    The Russian woman living in our 'assets' owes us over 15K in rent and refuses to pay anything. She arrived in this country to be met at the airport by a Russian criminal on the run from a bloody double murder he committed in Italy and went to stay at his house.
    This guy was also found guilty of people smuggling, arranging marriages and lots of other things. He brought young girls from Russia here so they could work in his brothels in Essex and arranged marriages for them so they could stay here.
    This woman employs housekeepers and childminders paying them up to £600 a month plus food etc out of her benefit money and they also stay in my 'assets' free of charge. I have been fighting for two years through the courts to get them all out but so far I've only ended up in thousands of pounds worth of debt because of her court costs and her appeal.
    She gets legal aid and I don't so they run rings round me in court and know how to delay her eviction and also how to cause me a lot of misery and maximum financial distress.
    I don't think any foreigner should get benefits especially a suspected terrorist and certainly not anybody who hasn't contributed to the system. Check my story out at


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