Friday, February 04, 2005

Death on the Roads (2) - the Sun's View

From the Super Soaraway Sun, the following gloating and emetic piece:-

MOTORISTS who kill while driving carelessly will face a jail term in a victory for The Sun.

The new offence will carry a sentence of up to five years.

It closes a loophole exposed by our hard-hitting campaign.

Currently drivers can only be jailed if they are judged to be driving dangerously rather than carelessly.

The new charge will end the scandal of killer drivers — like those who were on a mobile phone at the time — escaping with just a fine.

Drivers who kill while disqualified or are unlicensed will also face five years.

Home Office minister Baroness Scotland said: “We have put forward some pretty radical proposals to create a tougher legal framework to deal with bad driving.”

This is a nauseating capitulation to tabloid mob justice. Nearly every crime requires intent before it can be proved. Now people who make mistakes can be jailed for years, simply so that the Murdoch trashmeisters can crow.

Angry? Moi? Damn right.

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