Tuesday, October 25, 2016

And Another Thing.......

The TV news tonight interviewed various locals who oppose the proposed new runway at Heathrow, some of them in an emotional state. One lady said that she had lived in Harmondsworth for over twenty years - but the airport opened in 1946, since when anyone who cared to elevate their gaze might have deduced that there was an airport across the Bath Road.


  1. I have a smidgeon of sympathy for her: I lived in Hayes while working a contract in Poyle (directly off the end of the northern runway) and found it surprisingly quiet since all of the aircraft were flying west or east at low altitude to the south; even in a southerly it was far enough away that the idle-turbine-whine was absent. Compared to Hounslow or Poyle it was tranquil (although dire in most other respects) - with the third runway the southern edge of Hayes will presumably be similarly loud as Bath Rd today.

  2. Nobody wants an airport nearby but we all want to be free to travel.

    It is time to do these things as I believe "grands projets" are done in France. The Government decides which site is in the national interest; the affected landowners are bought out generously; and the project goes ahead. Any opposition is dealt with by the CRS, not through litigation.

  3. Yes, there was an airport there in 1946. Departures was a series of tents and planes were few and far between and no jets.
    I guess that there weren't many night flights either.
    So things change and she wouldn't have moved there if she (or anyone) had been able to forsee what a noisy neighbour it would become.

  4. And wasn't clever of the Romans to build their road to bath so near the future site of the airport?


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