Saturday, December 19, 2015

De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bunkum

The late Lord Janner, who has just died, was not, by all accounts, a popular MP. After one emotional outburst when he took exception to remarks that he saw as anti-semitic, he said something to the effect of:"Mr, Speaker, half of my family were murdered in the Holocaust" when some unnamed MP called out "Yes, the wrong half"..

He was of course the subject of allegations that he had sexually abused young men several decades ago, despite claims that he was suffering from dementia that would have prevented him from defending, or even understanding the case against him. Recently it was decided that he could not safely or fairly be tried, quite rightly in my opinion.

The passage of time, and nature's decay often put horrrible offenders (and I make no comment about Lord J) beyond the reach of the justice system. Those who believe in divine justice may find it easier to rationalise the easy deaths of appalling monsters than do I.


  1. If there were any doubters, his death certainly vindicates the very recent decision by the judge that Janner wasn't fit enough to stand trial. It rather reminds me of what Spike Milligan asked to be put on his headstone "I told you I was ill."

  2. A merciful release.

    I remain unhappy about the idea of a so-called 'trial of the facts'. I understand very well that no conviction results and no penalty can be imposed. But the trial is necessarily one-sided, and I cannot regard that as an acceptable form of proceeding. I know it may mean that victims do not get their day in court. That is regrettable, but I cannot be sorry that we spared the spectacle of the one-sided hearing which would otherwise have happened.

  3. Absolutely unworthy of whoever wrote this. One might make "no comment" as you put it, but to my mind the inference is clear. Just as well you cannot libel the dead.

    Noone knows the real facts of the case bar the lawyers involved. I certainly do not, but sometimes the law is imperfect... in any event Janner has not been convicted of anything. I have no idea if the trial of the facts will continue, but I guess the law will decide that, not innuendo nor smear as has been seen all over the www.

  4. Would disinterring the deceased, hanging him and sticking his head on a pike, as was done to the corpses of some of the "regicides", sate the vengeful, I wonder?

  5. "Noone knows the real facts of the case bar the lawyers involved. I certainly do not, but sometimes the law is imperfect... in any event Janner has not been convicted of anything."

    Nor was Saville. Nor was Cyril Smith. Do you also choose to disbelieve all of their accusers simply because they weren't able to express their opinions through one particular socio-cultural process?

    1. Lets not those who were so quick to judge Lord McAlpine who rightly sued all those involved.

      Its so easy to make instantaneous judgements.. Lets think of all the others who were accused and found NOT GUILTY.. So easy to decide someome must be guilty because all these things are being said..

  6. Kiddy-fiddler or not, I'm not sure I'd file a long and drawn out decline from dementia as an easy death.

  7. I wonder how many of these "survivors" had been "helped" by the Lantern Project?

  8. Some of the complainants have said that they will pursue civil actions. I hope they stub their toes on section 33 of the Limitation Act - there is no reason why they should not have sued earlier. He was there and had the means to pay. This is not like the rapist who won the lottery.

    If they sue and lose that will not be injustice; it will be what limitation is for.

  9. I certainly share the hope (and expectation) that civil claims against the estate will fail. The primary limitation period is long past, and I really cannot believe that these are appropriate cases for the exercise of the s33 discretion in favour of Claimants.


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