Friday, August 14, 2015

Er - Could We Have Another Look at That?

With its customary sloppiness in matters legal the Daily Mail website, reporting on the Lord Janner case, has promoted the Deputy Chief Magistrate to Mrs. Justice Arbuthnot, a good few steps up the judicial ladder from a DJ(MC).


  1. What's the best e. mail address to contact you on?


  2. You never fail to take swipe at the DM but many media outlets referred to him being committed to CC which of course he wasn't, or to defs appearing "in front of magistrates at Westminster Court" whereas if it's a matter that attracts media interest, it is almost never "magistrates".

  3. When I was appointed a JP our clerk told us that sometimes we would be addressed as Your Honour or Your Excellency or My Lord - and advised us not to correct them, just set it off against the times we would get called worse things!


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