Friday, February 06, 2015

Only The Best

We sent a credit card fraudster up to the Crown Court for sentence last week. He had a string of previous convictions, and the latest set showed sophistication and planning. The totality of his offending pushed him past the Too Serious For Us test.

The total amount of the latest frauds was well over £19,000, mostly on travel to exotic places. I was struck by the fact that our man had chosen to fly  business class. Clearly he had no wish to rough it with the hoi polloi at the back of the plane. He is now in less-than-luxurious accommodation, paid for by the taxpayer.


  1. Would he get a lighter sentence,you think, had he flown economy class?

  2. No, poorer quality in-cell entertainment.

  3. ...or a better cell ?

  4. Probably a case which will end up with much the same sentence that the Magistrates could have given. If that is wrong then it is time that the Magistrates were given greater powers.


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