Thursday, March 20, 2014

Way, Way, Off Topic

The quondam guru of PR and tabloid stories, Max Clifford, was for many years the go-to guy for any celebrity who was threatened with undesirable publicity. Clifford could negotiate with the press, usually with a successful outcome for the client.

So isn't it ironic that Mr. Clifford is now on trial (on which I have no view other than to leave it all to a jury) and that trial has thrown up allegations that he has a really small penis. What could he have charged a rich client to keep that out of the red-tops?

That's what I call irony.


  1. and that trial has thrown up allegations that he has a really small penis.
    Well true or not, he does have some of this.
    John Gibson

  2. Were Max to be prescient (as it were) he would have put a roll of socks or a banger or two in those shorts before having that picture taken. I refer, of course, to the Daily Mail piece illustrations. All for journalistic integrity, eh, DM?

    Can anyone believe thirty-year-old testimony about penis size (not that it matters, except for possibly corroboration of other testimony).

    I would be much more bothered by the reported age of one of his contacts.

    Is sex used as currency in the entertainment business? Do ducks quack?

  3. Inappropriate blog.


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