Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Just a note to wish a happy Christmas to all of you, and to hope that we never meet professionally.


  1. That's not a tremendously Christmassy sentiment. From what I've read of the blog I would be perfectly happy to sit with you or run into you at an MA training event

  2. If the CPS ever decide to charge one of my arrests then we might meet sometime!

  3. If I ever have to appear before the bench, I sincerely hope it is you.

  4. I'm sure that would be very trying ;-)

  5. Two or three years ago I chaired a court where we heard a very polite and neatly-dressed young man "flashed" at eighty-odd at a point on the motorway where the limit was fifty because of road works. He came to argue (in person) that the signs reducing the limit were obscured by vegetation and that we should therefore treat it as a seventy. He had got the form two days after being flashed, on a Saturday, and he and his wife had immediately set off for the same spot where he took photos while she drove and sure enough, he had made out his case. Lucky for him the vegetation had not been trimmed back in the meantime.

    So we agreed he should get fewer points than the Book suggests and then I turned over his means form to consider the fine. Member of the Bar. I could not resist saying "Mr X, if you do as well for your clients as you do for yourself you will go far".

    I'm a solicitor in private life and a few weeks later I had a con with a member of the same chambers. And while I was in the waiting room in he came. He looked at me hard and I think he knew he had seen me before but could not remember where. I did not enlighten him!


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