Saturday, September 21, 2013

Me Voici Encore

So here I am, back in the  Royaume Uni, refreshed, relaxed, and pretty well fed and watered. In a moment of weakness I took along my trusty iPad. Le weefy  is not as common in France as the guidebooks tell you (ask for le code weefy in a bar or restaurant and the waiter will charmingly say that it is hors service five times out of ten). Ever reliable is the world's most deservedly successful restaurant chain, known to the young as MaccyD's. Ronald's setup is illimit√©, and gratuit and works. So for 1.3 € for a coffee you can tap away as long as you like. I didn't (being reluctant to push my luck with my beloved's tolerance) but I made a point of downloading the day's 'Times' and reading as much of the Daily Mail as I could without gagging.

The team have managed to moderate the comments that have come in, and I have made a mental note of some of the issues that seem to warrant a bit more attention. (But give me a break, all you Anons - call yourself Anon 123 or anything you like, but give me a chance to know who is who or which or whom).  This request does not apply to MH because I can spot his style at a thousand yards in heavy fog.

In response to one query, the reasons for my failing to address the future of the magistracy are twofold:- The main one is that I haven't a clue how things will go because I am no longer one of the movers and shakers, and neither do I care that much,

Whatever ministry is to emerge from the next election is a total mystery and anyone who says that he knows is a fool or a knave.  A Minister will be appointed, and like so many of his predecessors he will have no clue where to start, other than peering into his empty purse.

Even the most crusty time server in the Civil Service will be able to recognise the presence of about 24,000 honest sincere and dedicated JPs. He will soon be told by the MoJ hardcore that professionals such as DJs are easier to manage (a chap on a £130,000+ packge might just be biddable, if only procedurally). So what will he do with these JPs who will be subject to natural wastage anyway?

Some rising 35 year-old probably knows the answer, but I am damned if I do. But I have had a bloody good run (pushing 30 years quite soon) and I shall help when I can and shut up when I can't.

Holidays - aren't they great?


  1. All McDonalds have a limited range. To use wifi in a MaccyD you need to be close to the counter. By the entrance it's patchy at best. This is to prevent anyone outside accessing their wifi. Otherwise the pavement would be jammed with iPad owning oiks taking their bandwidth..

  2. and presumably you all feel the same way.

  3. A sort of backhand compliment I suppose. And since a fair few of my posts are deleted, there must be some truth in the observation! Likewise, BS's own posts are recognisable by their own inimitable style.

  4. Is that why nothing by MH never appears?
    Kate Caveat

    1. We know him by his contextual fingerprints. His stuff does appear, but sadly he usually prefers the Anon.

  5. I think back to those heady days of 1993 when I was sworn in, and look disapprovingly on so many of the changes since; I'm glad that I decided to swap the bench for a sun lounger in Spain a few years back. But then, my stepbrother who was just about to retire after getting in his thirty years as a police officer couldn't understand what possessed my daughter to join on a service which had gone to the dogs since he started as a probationer; and I know a number of retired teachers who gasp in amazement that any young graduate should contemplate going anywhere near a classroom.
    I wonder how our predecessors from the really dim and distant past felt when a change in the law prevented them from ever again binding over the offender's neighbours to ensure that he behaved well and kept the peace.

  6. Those were the days. Can we have the black cap too?


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