Thursday, June 06, 2013

Useful Updates

This is a useful site for those who wish to keep up with changing traffic laws.


  1. You're naughty - you linked to follow the blog rather than just the blog itself.

  2. So the new fixed penalty for no insurance is £300. Come to a magistrates' court, complete a means form showing income is benefits only and you will be assessed at an income of £110 per week. Plead guilty immediately and the fine will be £165, reduced to £110 for the early guilty plea, plus £20 'victim' surcharge and possibly costs of £85, if based on the means this absurdly low level of costs may not even be passed on. That comes to £215.

    And what will it have cost to have it come through the court? Doubtless a great deal more than the difference between the fixed penalty of £300 and £215 payable to the court.

  3. Either way, it is all a lot bless than the insurance premium would have been.


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