Monday, May 20, 2013

Six of One......

We sat on a trial today that had been tagged (as is so common these days) as Domestic Violence. DV trials (when they finally go ahead, as so many do not) often boil down to "He said...She Said...."  in which we have to choose between two conflicting accounts of the same incident.

I cannot go into too much detail, but as the couple, whose relationship was as good as dead, gave their accounts of the incident that had led to charges, I had an uncomfortable feeling of being an intruder on private grief. Both of the parties were articulate and educated, but as the case unfolded  we heard old resentments and suspicions welling up,  that really had no place in a public forum like a courtroom.

In the final analysis we could not be sure beyond reasonable doubt that the Crown had proved its case, so we told the defendant that our verdict was Not Guilty. Tears of relief followed, but the couple, who have two young children, will still face the task of re-establishing a family that will offer stability and love to the children.

I wish them luck, but my hopes are not high.


  1. Alcohol and/or drugs involved? If so, yes, very little hope.

  2. BS describes a very typical scenario. The he said, she said trials are truly depressing.


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