Monday, April 08, 2013


When it goes quiet around here it is usually down to my indolence, or, less commonly, the fact that I am busy.
I shall be taking Madame Bystander for a few days in Normandy tomorrow, but I plan to take my iPad, as the hotel promises wifi (en Français: 'weefy') so if the Apple virtual keypad doesn't beat me, I may be able to chip in a few aperçus.
À bientôt!


  1. Enjoy the break and don't worry about any of your colleagues having to pick up le slack. No really, don't worry about it. They all have broad shoulders.

  2. Is this a team bonding exercise? I thought they had rather gone out of fashion. Anyway, enjoy the paintballing!

  3. A pretty good effort for a 'rosbif' (though the initial capital on 'Français' is solecistic). Have fun!
    From Me 2 EU

    1. Ah, mais les cédilles! Bravo pour l'équipe!

  4. Having just returned from northern French shores, I do hope you have had better weather than we did. Bitingly cold winds, and heavy rain, interspersed with heavily overcast skies. Your favourite tipple will be prohibitively expensive too, unless you had the foresight to buy some 'cut price' on the boat. But you have each other of course, looking on the bright side.
    Kate Caveat

  5. Solecistic - a lawyerly way of saying wrong!

  6. Quite- as in "pretentious? Moi?"


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