Saturday, February 16, 2013


I have been watching the BBC Parliament Channel's retrospective on Harold Wilson, a man who played a prominent part in my Sixties consciousness. This not too serious TV programme is a delight to my generation. Give it a try, if you are over 50, or even if you are not.


  1. Really enjoyed that! Thank you so much for the link!

  2. Surely the worst prime minister of the 20th century, and yes, I am over 50, even 60 !

  3. Good until Mike Yardwood came on with his embarrassingly bad impressions.

    Strange to see a show where the interviewer smokes a pipe and one of the guests smokes a cigar. That was also the era when every evening show had to have a musical interlude.

  4. Just a small thing

    I can remember to this day, watching on television as Wilson's train arrives at a still uncompleted Euston Station, as he returned to London from his Huyton constituency. He was accompanied by the BBC political correspondent John Morgan, (a Welshman). I must admit that I was glad then than Wilson had won over the awful Alec DH, a real Tory chinless wonder. Wilson totally squandered his prize. What a let down he was !


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