Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fingers Crossed

Just in case the Mayan prophecy turns out to be true and the world really does end tomorrow, can we just thank those of you who have read this stuff over the years, and wish you well in whatever galactic maelstrom we are destined for.

And while we are on the subject, here's a loud raspberry to the cadre of spammers trolls and critics who have taken the opportunity, faced with a blog written in part by  real if low-level members of the judiciary to hurl abuse and contempt, just like the kid that we always had at the back of our class who couldn't resist a snide dig at teacher.  So, to quote the Bard:  "The Figo for Thee".

Anyone offended by this should address their complaints to the Ministry of Justice.

If it's still there on the 22nd, that is.


  1. The prophecy can be interpreted in differing ways. In some there is a belief of a new, better, world.
    Probably complete with flying sows.

    See you Saturday.

  2. Simple Simon blah blah blah21 December 2012 at 09:02

    As I could come under the "spammers & trolls" banner, as I have a ready sense of humour, I suspect that you will disapprove of my comments.

    But unless you wish to become like the MA forum, which is inhabited by a few members who are 1. over sensitive. 2. easily upset. 3. pretentious. 4. magniloquent. 5. hypersensitive. 6. irritable. 7. intolerant. 8. ostentatious. 9. conceited. 10. egotistical.

    Then I suggest that a few of irreverent comments are allowed - if only to lighten the mood.

  3. As someone said to me the other day:

    "I would rather have a Pirelli calendar than a Mayan calendar".

  4. What a great insult - accompanied of course, with the relevant hand-gesture.

    I wonder if any of HM's magistrates have ever been tempted with that response, when asked for the third time for an adjournment?

    ***In the bar at the local public house, about 8pm:

    "An' then I said, I said to 'im 'You want ANOTHER adjournment?'"

    "The figo for thee, and your adjournment" (with hand gesture).


    1. Technically, I think it ought to be 'thine adjournment'.

      Give me time, just give me time.

  5. Long may you continue to challenge, cock a snook at the powers that be, and provide us with hours of fascination (and fun)!
    From Me 2 EU

  6. Posted from a flying saucer just passing the orbit of Saturn. I don't know if there is anyone left to moderate it.

  7. My last trip to The Bench was not too bad, another charge added to my political record (I do not have a criminal one). Some of you are OK some are not. Bear this in mind during 2013.

  8. The nearest we came to the end yesterday, here in southern Spain was an earthquake of 3.5 magnitude at one o'clock this morning, 30km deep below AlcaucĂ­n. Only one person phoned the emergency services. But, hey, scary just before we've all got to sit glued to the tele for the El Gordo lottery draw.

  9. Just when is midnight? It occurs 24 hours every day in different time zones, so in which zone was this great event meant to occur?

  10. A bit of an anti-climax, really . . .

  11. Diogenes too was famous for giving passers by the finger, just as he was for carrying a lamp in broad daylight to illustrate his vain search for an honest man. A new accolade for Bystander could be "a modern day Diogenes".
    From Me 2 EU

  12. Oliver Something Or Other Vaguely Related To Legal Services26 December 2012 at 10:11

    I welcome the raspberry, and it has landed home...I have been following your blog over the years, under various anonymous names (which I have used for various reasons including cowardice) and have sometimes engaged other bloggers in verbal fisticuffs (particularly those representing police interests) sometimes with malice admittedly. Just wanted to say I have nonetheless appreciated the opportunity and freedom to make comments, occasionally and understandably excised by an irritated Bystander. Thank you for a really interesting blog and giving a platform for debating it.


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