Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Who Said Original Thinking Was No More?

As those of us who work in or near criminal justice will be delighted to hear, a Minister (no less) has donned his ice pack, racked his brains, cancelled his civil servants' weekends away and come up with this  masterpiece of thinking:-

Yesss! Really tough community sentences - that's the way!.

My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains my sense..
Oh no, it's déjà vu again. 

I used the blog search thingy (top left hand corner) to look up community sentences, tough, and suchlike, but gave up because I have been banging on about this subject for so long that it make me sound boring.
Or should that be prescient? 


  1. Yup, really tough community sentences overseen by a short staffed and poorly managed probation service, for those undertaking trivial tasks on behalf of the community.

  2. Come back Bystander all is forgiven. Has this blog turned into a permanent form for the new contributors to spend their time complaining?

  3. Unfortunately Anon at 8:37 there is rather a lot to complain about as far as the CJS is concerned!! I am sure that whenever a good news story breaks, that will be covered too but for now many of us feel we are simply moving the chairs on the deck of the Titanic

  4. Good news story? about what? This blog used to be extremely entertaining, well written and and very informative about the law.
    What happened?

  5. Good news! Here is a potential new source of cost saving within NOMS. The plea is for tougher community sentences, by which is meant, make the sentences so arduous that everyone receiving one is bound to breach it, probably repeatedly, and end up in custody as a result. SO, do away with the tougher community sentences and send the offender straight to jail. NOW, simply deduct the anticipated cost of the TFSs from the NOMS budget and claim credit for another cost saving.

  6. Perhaps the Minister means something on the lines of Cool Hand Luke? A bit of pothole mending?

  7. Correction: ...your predecessor has been banging on about this subject...

    Let's keep it politically correct before they take our ball away.


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