Wednesday, July 04, 2012

7/7 plus 7

I have just watched a moving BBC documentary about the victims of the terrorist attacks on London that have come to be known as 7/7.

I happened to be sitting in court on that day and I posted this to the blog the next day.


  1. May I be the first to wish you happy Independence Day. It was a sad day indeed, but I think that it, as well as other attacks have show that we will keep calm and carry on.

  2. Italian lawyer4 July 2012 at 11:35

    I was in London at the time of the Oxford street IRA bombs. I worked in the Marylebone High street and lived in Ealing, and obviously spent an average of 2 hours a day in the tube. Yet I can't say I was conscious of anything at all out of the ordinary, except my british acquaintances, worrying that I might grow scared. Funnily enough, given what was happening where I came from at the time. But the circulation, the people in the streets, the ceremonies, all run quite normally and smoothly all the time. Only security I met with, was when I walked across a street that was being strewn with gravel for horses's hooves ,in preparation, I believe, to the Lord Mayor's show.
    What a different world it was.


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