Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anarchy! Anarchy! They've All Got It ......

In the current moral panic about misbehaviour on the streets of the capital, the ever-present 'outside agitators' and suchlike have reappeared, as they always do. My heart was warmed to read rants on Gadget's comments about soap and getting jobs. The old one about unwashed protesters is a right-wing standby. Ironically, the precious and spoiled-brat Charlie Gilmour probably spends more on grooming in a week than a copper earns in a month. Unwashed he ain't. Unwise, and intoxicated with the elixir of being young, pretty, loaded and famous he certainly is. He obviously fancies himself something rotten, as a member of the true aristocracy, the peers of rock'n'roll.

Anyway:- Do we remember a few years ago when a self-styled anarchist called, if I recall aright, Danbert Nobacon, tipped a jug of water over John Prescott (a common assault in anyone's book)? The day after this heroic attack on one of the few genuinely working-class members of the Blair government Mr. Nobacon flew off to sunny climes. I really wanted to ask him if his anarchic beliefs extended to Air Traffic Control and pilot training, but I think that I knew the answer.

The great Bernard Levin used to call his type 'fun-revolutionaries'. That will do me.

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